A huge thank you to all attended The Titanic Hotel recently to celebrate the last season of Liverpool Catalyst and the launch of the next phase.  Thanks to Jim Meehan who was our photographer for the night and really captured the essence of the evening.  More photos have been loaded on to the Liverpool Catalyst Facebook Page.

Here are some of the comments we have had about the night:

Dave Latham - Thank you for the privilege of being invited. So wonderful to hear how God is using so many people to show the love of God in practical ways.
Jane Stephens – Wonderful, inspiring, encouraging and also humbling. The venue looked beautiful as people arrived and were welcomed and the treats in bags and on the table were so special. The food was good - empty plates all round. The best bit for me was the worship! I’m now waiting for what’s next; for me personally and for these Catalyst events.
Kevin Peacock - Thank you so much for the event it was a privilege to be there and to hear so many inspirational stories.  It was also a privilege to be treated so royally – the venue, dinner and goody bags were amazing!  You and the team did a fabulous job organising everything.
Annie Spiers - Thanks so much for a wonderful evening. I felt so loved and treasured and treated! Wonderful food, company and just never enough time to get round everyone...!
Ali Rimmer - What an inspirational evening! I saw in the Spirit a glimpse of His radiant Bride as the different Christian projects came together to celebrate all that God had enabled them to do. A picture of the Church stretching out her hand to help the needy and her light shining in the darkness giving hope to the hopeless, love to the lonely and unloved, joy to those in despair and peace to those in anguish. May the church continue to arise and be the radiant and glorious bride displaying God’s glory.
Stewart Reid - that really was a brill evening with clearly so much careful thought given to the content. Bill was outstanding as were all who took part. 
Nic Harding - Thanks for a great event Jenny and I thoroughly enjoyed it. It’s so encouraging to see the networking of social action projects, and the identifying of community champions. 
Beatrice Smith - What an event!! Thank you so much for your many years of obedience to the Holy Spirit, loved every minute of your celebration and felt excited for your future as a city united - well done for all of your hard work and so excited to do more together. 

Please let us know if you have any comments or suggestions.


Sue Sinclair and James Sloan hosted the evening.



The worship was amazing. 


Worship was led by Ian and Kate Yates.

This video was shown at the Liverpool Catalyst Celebration.
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to our Community 

Champion for

Muslims & Refugees 


Shapoor and Yasmina Ahmadi who recently got married.

Also Rev Stewart Reid and his wife Sheila who have served the Church and community of Southport for many years, recently celebrated 50 years of marriage.

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Goody bags and gifts were given to all our Project Leaders and guests 

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Liverpool Catalyst_151.jpg

Claire Morgans led us through a MENTI survey and here are the results...

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