If you don’t live in Merseyside, we want to encourage you to pray for these same issues for your region.  
We were really inspired as we listened to Liverpool Catalyst Community Champion for women in sex work, Jennie Hardy as she shared about their ministry.
Jennie and a team at All Saint’s Church in Kensington have been working with sex workers on Shiel Road over the past four years. Together they run a sex workers drop in and a Celebrate Recovery programme. Jennie has also set up a ministry called Jewels through which women can share and express their stories and gain a voice through theatre. Through these, Jennie and her teams build relationships, work to improve safety on the streets and nurture hope so that women can begin a journey out of their situations. Jennie’s work is more than projects, the women need family and Jennie goes beyond the projects to meet and journey with the women through life.

Please pray:
That the women caught in sex work will: 

  • Know that they are loved both by the church and by their Father, God

  • Have a revelation of their God given value and worth

  • Know that there is hope through Jesus Christ


That the church will:

  • Come close to Jesus, the source of Love and learn how to love broken people as he does

  • Journey healing and release from sexual sin such as pornography and lust


That we, the church, and Liverpool: 

  • Will be able to create safe places for the women to work

  • Build relationships of love and trust

  • Nurture and communicate hope

  • Provide avenues out so that the sex workers can be set free


Many of the sex workers working Sheil Road and other locations in Liverpool have backstories of abuse and neglect. Not knowing how to escape from trauma they turned to drugs and found a source of temporary relief that further entraps them through addiction. In many cases their street work is funding their need to close out the pain of a broken life through drugs and until the addiction is broken and the pain healed, they are stuck in a cycle of destruction. There is a lot of hopelessness on the streets.
Sex work is dangerous and sex workers are at risk both from their clients and from members of the public who don’t want them in their area. Furthermore, intervention from police and authorities, directed at prostitutes rather than users, force the women from open safer environments to hidden places, where they are at even greater danger. Many of the women Jennie works with are regularly abused and raped and are used to having guns and knives pulled on them. Many of the women are without hope, not seeing any way out of their situation.
On the other side of the issue are the users, mainly men seemingly more often wanting to wield power over another human being through sex than simply wanting sex itself. These men are broken too and need a revelation of love and truth. On both sides of the equation brokenness is leading to brokenness and we need a revelation of truth throughout our society for God to transform the situation. Truth that there is hope of healing through Jesus Christ; that each and every person is loved and because they are loved and valued by the creator, they have nothing to prove; that Jesus can totally fix and heal situations that can only be covered up by drugs. 

Jennie Hardy

Community Champion

for Sex Workers